The 3 Best Ways To Earn Money Online

Sometimes it gets so difficult that you wish you can buy, own and use material things like your friends. You wish you’re earning money and you do not depend on your parent for everything. If you ever think of the easiest way to earn Money at the comfort of your home, school, or place of work this post is your unforgo-able option. Since you don’t want to be engaged in defrauding people of their hard earn morning as it is popular called by Nigerians [yahoo yahoo], we recommend following online businesses.

Be reminded that you’re lucky to be reading this, we have provided on this post; the best resources to accomplish each point mentioned, please lend me your eyes and mind as I work you through 3 best way to earn money online.


This is practically common at this time, different entrepreneur has ventured hugely on management and promotion. You could earn more than an employed person if you’re into promotion and you have enough resources to attract more customers. Promotion entails advertising , preferment and ascent of one’s brand or product. Entrepreneurs, Businessmen, Artistes, Bloggers, and Event planners often make use of promoters to reach more audience and attract more sales or publicity to their products. They pay hugely for doing so depending on the audience, solidity, and reputation of the promoter who is handling their promotion. Tech is the new oil.


Requirements to start this business may seem simple but they are not. Promotion depends on audience, and getting audience is practically most difficult thing to do online. To be a standard and successful PR, you’re expected to have the following


An active Facebook page with at least 10k likes
An active Facebook account with more than 4k friends
An active Twitter account with at least 50kfollowers
An active Instagram account with atleast 50k followers
An active LinkedIn account with at least 4k friends in your network.

A blog with a lot of readers

Getting all the listed above likes manually is very difficult, especially if you’re not a celebrity, it takes time and patience, however you can promote your pages on all these social media for likes and followers provided you have the money. Mind you; you should be ready to invest as all form of Investment in any form of business is important, even you should consider the data you purchase to accomplish your goals as part of your investments. If you can afford buying followers ( note from the real social media source itself ) not a third party person or websites, its cool.


If you have a thing for writing and you want to earn money from it you’re welcome to world of freelance writing. What you have to do is get to find clients from different platform and write for them in exchange for money. Mr Adekunbi Ademola earns thousands of naira from freelance writing.


You have to be a good writer.

You have to be good with tenses, rule of concord, word clutter, typographical errors, editing, and all terms a good writer should be good at.

You have to understand and can write in English language, other languages are plus for you, it’s beautiful if you can write in other languages too, most especially if your client doesn’t want the content in English.

Resources and reference

You can start getting clients to write for and get paid from the following platforms

Brittle paper


Alternative if you engage in story or creative  writing you can earn morning by submitting your work on STORRIED.COM


Blogging, when focused and dedicated upon can make one a millionaire. We have different millionaire bloggers in the world, they didn’t become rich immediately they started, the success recorded from their work is due to collective effort and dedication they’ve given to it. The main mistake most people make anytime they venture into Blogging and failed is because they want to be earning the money instantly which is of course not impossible but difficult and do not work for majority, It takes enough time and resources.

Syed Balkhi from India is the richest blogger in the world his net worth is about £150million he is a blogger.

Joseph Milley Sandra from United States is a blogger
She’s worth $30million, she’s a blogger

Linda Ikeji from Nigeria is a blogger, she’s worth

You can read more about top bloggers from here

Cut the story short you can also start blogging , it’s quite easy, no late comer when it comes to blogging or any online business, the success depends on you and the effort you put in to ensure the business itself is successful.


You misy be a good writer, a poke noser, a stable and consistent person.

Mobile Data subscription and stable charged device.

Additionally a personal computer,( not important)


You can use the following


to at least get started with or please be informed that you cannot monetize a blog like this, but at least it’s enough to get you started then you can upgrade to

To upgrade to using your own personal hosting, websites or blogs at affordable price, contact us of visit


This is the most resourceful, the most beautiful and the richest means of online business. It’s detrimental in term of resources as it entails larger resources, time and more patience even more than bloggers, in fact it is the hardest. Programming is like learning and adapting to new language it can be difficult, tiring and time consuming.

Sometimes people even call the codes written to make a component or software irrelevance or rubbish, of course they look like one but it is the best.

A Good programmer should earn roughly N200,000/month  which is $580 in dollar equivalence.

Programming is divided into components

Application Development
Web development
Software writing
Tools making and more

To find out more on how to earn with the above listed components write us via email.


Patience: programming is time consuming, frustrating sometimes and tiring in the beginning. But as soon as you know it you’re in money.

PC: personal computer (laptop) preferably with 4G RAM, 500G ROM and CoreI3

You can learn programming from someone who is a geek in it but the most recommended means are online courses

We recommend the following

  1.  Coursera

Code Academy
Khan Academy