How To Bypass Website Access Restriction

Hi, I understand the level of frustration one can get when your internet connection cannot access some websites or applications and the website seems to be working just fine for other users.
In some US or Uk websites or servers application some countries; mostly African countries do have their I.P address blacklisted to prevent visitors from circumventing their systems..

Although this is just a preventive measure taken to secure their websites. However what they don’t understand is that not all visitors coming from such countries or Ip-addresses are of wicked intentions, some just wish to read the contents provided on the website or download but could not do it because their general country or network provider IP-address has been blacklisted.

This is even common if you’re unfortunate to be living in Nigeria and you use GLO network for internet. Glo is practically the poorest when it comes to internet provision in Nigeria despite its self acclaimed “GRAND MASTER OF DATA” Glo uses a cheap unsecured public ip-address that get automatically blocked by foreign secured websites, Glo can’t even load any website hosted on Google blogger.

Today I’ll be taking you through the solutions to counter this problem and be able to access and download from any websites you want regardless of where you’re a coming from.

You have two ways to access a website or an application that prevents or have your I.p address blacklisted.

1. Download This Application from Google play. The application is free and it has roughly a Million download with 4.5 cumulative ratings.

After downloading connect to the application,
Open the application and select a country
I recommend that you select either UK, US, or France
Click connect, then after it shows connected minimize and go back to the website you intend to access before. I’m quite sure you’ll be positive about this. It will work 99%.

2. Switch to another network provider with secured Ip-address.


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