Hello guys, so today I’ll be teaching you how to download from the application Tvseries and movies download.

This application comes with many functionalities, you can download it from playstore if you don’t already have the application using the button below


Functionalities include 

•Watch/stream YouTube Videos online and offline.

•Download Tv series and movies, majorly old and latest TV series.

•Connect with People all over the world to discuss the latest on your favourite Tv-Series & movies or series.

• All for free.

After downloading the application, you’ll see a welcome message kindly ensure you read it as it’d be useful to you while downloading or attempting to download TV series or movies.


On this post I’m going to download a TV-SERIES titled

Animal Kingdom 

Kindly follow the below guides, after launching your application you can select Tv-Series download servers as indicated in the screenshot below

Then choose sever 1, note that you can select any server , depending on the tv-series you wish to download, but mostly, Server-1 is the fastest and it contains practically all tvseries. So I’m gonna select server 1


After selecting sever 1 you’d be taken to a page to verify that you certainly want to download your tv-series from server 1. When you get to the page, scroll down and select GO TO DOWNLOAD SERVER 1 as indicated in the sceeenscre below


After selecting the above option the download server shall appear, look for the series you want and download, note that you can download in different format, HD of 480p and 720p is available, depends on much data you wish to spend and how quality you want you download to be. Be informed that if you don’t find the series you’re looking for on first server you can use the others, before you try the entire servers no doubt you’ll find what you’re looking for

The is the fastest and best way to download your tv-series, note that it is possible if you do not wish to use our servers to download tvseries but we recommend that you use it anyways as it is the fastest and it represents the best video quality , if not? you may use popular partnered  sites like 02tvseries, tvseries Hq, Grab the beast, ToxicWap, Fztvseries and more on the application as well by going to OTHER DOWNLOAD RESOURCES on the applApplica menu

You may as well use this similar steps to download your favourite movies, just click on the Movies download servers from the Application menu and follow prompt as similarly as explained above. Should you have any questions reach out to us here

Good Luck