You’ll agree with me that the most difficult thing in term of online shopping is currency conversion and acceptance of payment cards especially if it happens to be unfortunate that you live in Nigeria or other “developing” African Countries.

The reason for this is because most merchants banks do not allow transaction with their cards on foreign websites, especially if the currency of the merchant site is denominated in Dollars($) or Euro (£). You’d be probably lucky to come across this post as We’d teach you how to get a dollar denominated card in 10minutes and start shopping endlessly on your favorite website like Google, iTunes, Running Facebook Ads, Alibaba, Ali-expresss, Go daddy, and others.

Generally you have 3 options


Barter is a child company of Flutterwave, they offer virtual Master cards and Visa cards for seamlessly online payments. Their conversion rate is good and no service charge whatsoever, if you’re a developer who reside in Nigeria and you’re looking for a way to get the google developer Account, you can use this option or if you want to buy anything online at all

How it works

1. Sign Up and fill in necessary details
2. Confirm Your Address
3. Fund Your Wallet
4. Create your card, could be Visa Or Master Card, we recommend Visa, it is accepted worldwide
5. Customize your card, you can write your name on the card if you want and you also have the option to choose if you want to use the card once or you’ll like to keep it for reuse just like your normal bank issued cards. note that barter cards Also have validity period of 3 years just like random bank cards which you can create another one after it expires.
6. Fund your card from your wallet, remember you’ve added money to your wallet in step 3, then you’ll have to fund your card from your wallet.

Their conversion rate

Nigeria       N370 for 1$
Ghana Cedis   4.65 for 1$

See the image below

7. Note: the minimum amount of fund you can add to create your dollar card is 10$, no maximum amount or limit and you can create as many cards as you want. After this  Get your card details, (Number, Expiry date, Cvv2) and start shopping online

This is an image of a user profile from the batter application, it shows account details of a user who bought a good of 3.99$ from apple store, the card was created with 10USD




We strongly recommend the website for a starter


If you’re probably a businessman who deals with a lot of dollars and you don’t find it any comfortable to trust online website, then UBA is your best option, UBA offer an internationally denominated card that is widely accepted on any type of merchant website, the card denomination is in naira. When you buy goods or services from a website that is not denominated in naira, UBA automatically do the conversion for you and debit your naira denominated Afri-Card

>>>This type of card isn’t associated with your account by no means. So if you’re a customer; nonetheless, the card isn’t associated with your account and your normal issued cards will be charged separately.

>>>You also don’t need to be a customer, register or open an account with UBA to get the Card since it isn’t associated with any account.

How to get the card

(i) Walk into any UBA business office (bank) and demand for UBA-AFRICARD.
Please note, they have category of Afri-Cards and if they issue you the local type you can only make transaction in Nigeria, it’s just like a general master-card, it won’t work on merchant sites.

Let them Know that you want the internationally denominated UBA-AFRICARD, with this you can buy anything you want online without card problems, anything at all


The only thing required is an official ID card, showing your name and your picture, most appropriately your National ID card, Drivers license, Permanent Voters Card, NIMC cards.
You cannot use your school ID cards, if you want to use this you won’t be given the internationally denominated type but the local one.

After filling the form, they’d activate the card for you immediately, you’ll fund the card in naira, note that the maximum amount of money you can keep on the card is N700,000 naira, if you need above that you’ll have to visit the bank, they’ll increase the maximum amount you can add. After all this? boom!!, you’re good to go buy anything online irrespective of its denominated currency.

3.Alat Card

Alat virtual card is being offered by WEMA BANK OF NIGERIA. it’s just a replica version of BARTER where you fund your card in naira and then it’d be converted into dollar and you’d be issue a card for transaction.

However this is not recommended as the registration procedure is boring and annoying; they asked for too many details to activate the card for you, so if you’re in hurry to buy something it might not be your best option for now.

This post will be updated in the future if we discover more channels where this kind of process can be done.



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