How To View Deleted WhatsApp Messages

Hello, so today, I’ll teach you how to view deleted WhatsApp messages. Oftentimes friends take a decision that is a detriment on our part on WhatsApp messenger by deleting the texts sent to us and as such, we are unable to view their text anymore because they have chosen the option “Delete for everyone”.

I solely think WhatsApp added this feature of message deleting by following in the footstep of the popular Gbwhatsapp because they also added the feature, I don’t think it is for private reason. It doesn’t make sense that someone sent you a text message and they decided to unsend after some seconds or minute later. If they care about privacy they wouldn’t send the message in the first place yeah? 

Your ability to view deleted message has advantages and disadvantages, the advantages are that

— You can view any message you want

–in the case of evidence, and the sender delete their messages you can view it and reclaim the evidence.


The disadvantages is that both advantages listed above can also be used against you.

In my own opinion, I think people delete WhatsApp messages due to grammatical mistake in their text messages or decide to inform you of something and then change their decision or in fact  probably trying to prank the you into curiosity, whatever it is they are doing, if you want, you can remove yourself from the shackle of their revealing-hidden intention by reading my post to the end, here is how to view WhatsApp messages sent but deleted by the sender immediately or later.



1. Download this application from play store

— the application size is extremely small, just 2mb.

— launch the application, be informed that the application requires that you grant few permission to work effectively, make sure you allow all trigger message requesting your permission.


Then go back to the main application interface, all your notification will be made viewable from there


Here is an example


–My friend sent me a message and I can view it

— but assuming I wasn’t online as at the time message was delivered I Won’t be able to view.


–Later on my friend deleted his message and everything went blank on their screen as well as mine because they use the option “delete for everyone”

–when I got back to my phone I discovered my friend already had their message deleted so I just go straight to the application, click on WhatsApp chat message and click on the name of my friend and BAM

I saw the two message my friend deleted.

Cute right?



Till next time



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