Here are the latest episode on your favourite tv-series.

Hello, Dear TV series and movies lovers, it’s about time i update you on the newly released episodes of your favorite Tvseries. Using the popular search network (Google) and other algorithms we have analyzed the most popular Tvseries below, if you haven’t seen any of this series you should try to them out thank us later.


This is one of the best superhero series of all time, it’s sole character is Stephen Amell ( Canadian actor and a professional wrestler).
if you haven’t been following the series you should probably download and watch.
The most recent season released is SEASON 6 (COMPLETED)


This is a series based on the FBI of the United State of america. Its about a lady who have her memory wiped by her mother to perpetrate ungodly act in the united state and infect the FBI, but when she got in the FBI she met the love of her life, got married and ended up becoming one of the best FBI Agent in the New York office.

The most recent season is SEASON 3 (COMPLETED)

GOT (Game of Thrones)

This is unarguably the best Tvseries of all time, if you haven’t seen this series then you’re missing a lot, it is long, beautiful, heartbreaking, mischievous as well as interesting. It is a story about 7 families, 7 countries in a continent otherwise known as WESTEROS. My favorite actor in this series is PETER DRINKLAGE (Tyrion Lannister]

The most recent season is SEASON 7 (IN PROGRESS)
season 8 to be released next year.

Others Are


IN PROGRESS… Season 2 Episode 10


IN PROGRESS… Season 5 Episode 5


IN PROGRESS… Season 3 Episode 7


IN PROGRESS…. Season 3 Episode 8


Series of unfortunate events
Big bang theory.

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