Power Season 5 finale tonight!!!, the fate of all casts


The season 5 finale of the popular American series power is scheduled to be released tonight, as always, you’d be privileged to download the last episode as soon as it is aired right here from our server.

Alot of complaints were filed by the popular series lover that the begining of Season 5 started way below expectations, some alleged that is already getting boring and it starting to lose it’s worth, until season 5 episode 5 when the table get turned.

Power is such an interesting series, it a story on American and drug kingpins, if as a publisher of this post I have learnt anything so far from the series, I have learnt not to trust anybody, what made the storyline even more interesting and worth watching is twist they exhibit in the story, and the killing of important cast we never expected.

From the last episode Tommy Egan Teresi killed his father Tony teresi and left his corps in open at the sementary, at exactly the spot where his father described to be the family spot. It was tough, I didn’t believe he could, but he did, now everything is changing and fate of all the important cast rest on the shoulder of the anticipated finale Episode that’d be aired tonight.

AUSA Angela Valdez has been convicted and she was last seen on the screen scared and frightened, she was going to be persuaded to flip on GHOST “Jammie St Patrick” portrayed by Omari Hardwick her high school lover, the most famous drug kingpin and the most important cast of the series.
So many people have aired Alot of different opinion, but my personal opinion is that she wouldn’t do that considering the love and affection between them.

TOMMY EGAN friendship with ghost is also hitting the end point, Tommy Will surely be disappointed when he find out that GHOST told Vincent to convince him to kill his father.

Whatever happens we are here Anticipating!! You can also leave you comment if you think otherwise.